Commemorative plaque

The local section of the Socialist Party had this plaque placed on Matteotti’s house, in the square of Fratta Polesine now named after Matteotti, near the balcony from which Giacomo used to hold his early speeches, and it was inaugurated on Sunday 11th June 1950, on the sixteenth anniversary of the socialist MP’s assassination.

On the morning of 10th June 1950 the local police commissioner ordered the phrase ‘ without peace he awaits the day justice will be served’ to be removed, claiming the plaque had not received authorization from the police, neither had the inscription been approved. This was how the plaque was presented at the inauguration ceremony presided over by the honourable Lina Merlin, who then presented a parliamentary interpellation about this act of censorship against the freedom of expression ratified in the Constitution. The honourable Alcide Malagugini’s text is now visible in its entirety , after the local council and the mayor at the time Resini decided in 2011 to present the original.

Today the bronze bust of Giacomo Matteotti by the sculptor Guido Cremesini can still be admired on the plaque.

In 1955 the town council added a votive lamp.

Maria Lodovica Mutterle