His grave

Matteotti’s grave is in the family chapel,opposite the main entrance to the cemetery in Fratta Polesine. His mother, Isabella Garzarolo, had it built, and it was completed in 1928, with changes that were approved by the town council on the condition that another one should be built for the local Council.

Giacomo Matteotti’s body was placed in Giuseppe Trevisan’s chapel on the day of his funeral, 21st August 1924. It was moved less than a year later to another chapel no longer in use, of the same family , to avoid it being desecrated by the fascists. Matteotti’s coffin was placed in the Matteotti family chapel on 11th October 1928 and on that occasion his wife Velia wanted to have a mass said for her husband in the Fratta parish church, but in spite of the widow’s protests in the name of Christian charity for the deceased, the authorities said it had to be celebrated privately, at 6.30 am in the chapel of the Casa della Divina Provvidenza, a charitable institution in Fratta.

Matteotti’s body was buried in a black marble sarcophagus which was donated by Belgian socialists. Matteotti had visited Belgium a few months before his death, for a meeting of the Socialist International. The lid was then cemented up to avoid the body being snatched by his political opponents.

Until 25th April 1945 the Matteotti family tomb was guarded by the police, especially on the anniversary of his barbarous assassination. Anyone who visited the tomb was identified and described, car registration numbers noted, and no public commemoration was allowed.

Today the family chapel houses the remains of all the members of the family.

Maria Lodovica Mutterle